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Essential in any products containing water as they check the growth of micro-organisms and extend the shelf life of the product from just one or two days to one or two years, depending on the type of preservative and the type of product.



There are currently no 100% natural preservatives which work as well as synthetic ones, such as the commerical but questionable parabens, which are are very common in mass-produced cosmetics where a long shelf life is an important economic factor for the manufacturer. When you make your own natural beauty products this is less of an issue because you   can make small batches more often and settle for a shorter shelf life.
You can also add vitamin E for its anti-oxidant effect. which helps prevent oils becoming rancid (but does not prevent bacterial growth and so is not a preservative as such). We offer an Ecocert-approved preservative which works very well.
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Preservative MN (Ecocert-approved)

A mild preservative, approved by...

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