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Magical Naturals

Emulsifiers & Thickeners


Emulsifiers & Thickeners

Emulsifiers are substances that enable usually non-
mixable ingredients, such as oil and water, to bind together and so are used to produce creams and lotions.

Thickeners are often used together with emulsifiers in natural skincare recipes to help prevent separation of ingredients.



All emulsifiers used and sold by Magical Naturals are sourced from 100% plant constituents.
Many emulsifiers used in cosmetic creams are made either from mineral oils (which clog up the skin) or from pig fat, but European labelling regulations do not require manufacturers to state the origin of the emulsifiers used.
  This is therefore an important consideration if you want the healthiest choice for your skin or if you want to avoid or using skincare products containing animal fats.
Thickeners are also used to make gels. Again, thickners used and sold by Magical Naturals are natural substances derived from plants.


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