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Magical Naturals

Essential Oils


The Wonderful Scents of Plants

They inspire the poet, the dreamer and the lover in all of us as we enter a garden, a forest, a meadow or almost anywhere in nature that is unspoilt or well-
tended. That is actually the purpose of these scents – to attract, enchant, captivate, protect and seduce!



Bees, butterflies and uncountable other species, as well as human poets and lovers, know this very well! Most of these scents are a characteristic of the so-
called 'essential' or 'volatile' oil component of just 90 species of plants. Extracted from the plant, these powerful living oils have been valued for thousands
  of years by many human cultures worldwide - and not only as natural perfumes.

Caution! If you are not familiar with the use of essential oils please read our Essential Oils - Important Safety Points.


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