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Magical Naturals

Blooming Herbal Tonics


Herbal Tonics

Our Herballiance range of tincture tonics are designed to support you when you have common ailments that most of us experience from time to time.



The liquid portion is a mixture of organic grain alcohol and a rich infusion or decoction and distillation of the relevant fresh plant material (leaves, flowers, roots, berries, bark, etc). Both the infusion or decoction and distillation plus the alcohol serve to extract constituents from the raw plant material that are not soluble in water alone. This makes herbal tinctures generally stronger than herbal teas. We offer tincture complexes - blends of up to six different plant    tinctures - and tincture simples - single plant tincture. All are derived from organically-grown plants as much as possible and are wonderful complements to a healthy diet. They offer support to the body, mind and spirit, not only during illness but also on a preventative basis. The complexes are blended by our own resident, qualified medical herbalist and can be adapted for more specifically individual needs following a consultation.


De Corantijn 87F
1689 AN, Zwaag (NH) 
The Netherlands 



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