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Magical Naturals

One of the founders of Magical Naturals had a Lebanese herbal medicine teacher, Joe. Joe was a generous teacher, often relating his stories with us after teaching was finished for the day of his earlier life before the civil war in the Lebanon.

He spoke of the orange groves, the pinewood hills of lavender and sage and the valleys of wild orchids, cyclamens, anemones, the terraces of olive, almond, fig and carob trees.

He told us of the traditional Spring preparation of aromatic waters by village communities, particularly bitter orange flowers, Greek sage and Damask rose, which are all highly valued components of the folk medicine of the region.

After many years as a successful and popular teacher Joe set up his own company producing aromatic waters for therapeutic and skincare use, which we are very proud to include in our range. Joe produces his aromatic waters in the way they have been made for many hundreds of years in the Lebanon and in Mediterranean countries - by distillation of aromatic herbs in spring water.

This is very different from the way most hydrosols are produced, as by-products of the harsher, more rapid large-scale steam (not water) distillation of essential oils.

The rich distillates of Joe's aromatic waters capture the essence of the plant. The essential oil is finely dispersed through the water in a low concentration, giving each aromatic water its individual smell. Other water-soluble constituents of the plant are also in solution, and these tend to modify and balance the action of the pure oil, making aromatic waters a very safe and effective way to take in the volatile principles and vital essence of a plant.

Some aromatic waters, such as Damask rose, chamomile, lavender, witch hazel, rose geranium and rosemary are wonderful used as a lotions or added to skincare creams, as inhalations, sprays, compresses. They can even be added to clays for facial masks.

No preservatives are added to these aromatic waters, as we believe these would interfere with their therapeutic properties. Most waters have a shelf life of about 18 months. Some, like rose, rose geranium, bitter orange flowers, rosemary and bay will remain good for years and, indeed, even improve with time when stored properly.

Other waters, like chamomile and lemon balm have a minimum shelf life of 6 to 8 months but often longer if stored correctly.

All aromatic waters must be stored in glass containers in a dark, cool place

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