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Preservative MN (Ecocert-approved)

A mild preservative, approved by Ecocert/Cosmos, free from parabens and suitable for use in organic skin and hair care products.
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Preservative MN (Ecocert/COSMOS approved)

INCI: Benzyl alcohol, salicyclic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid.

A mild preservative, approved by Ecocert & Cosmos, free from parabens and suitable for use in organic skin and hair care products.
 A clear liquid with a mild odour which is easily masked by the use of essential oil or fragrance. It is effective against some common bacteria, moulds and yeasts and increases the shelf life of a product from several weeks to 1-2 years.

The recommended dosage is 1% of your products for natural skin and hair care or 1.1% if you incorporate a herbal infusion in your product. The preservative should be added when the mixture has cooled below 45 ˚ C, usually in the 3rd or 4th phase of the cream or lotion production.
Suitable for use in oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and also for recipes without water. Safe to use in products with a pH value of 3-8. Make sure you mix your product well , especially in cold preparation.

Caution! Because of the salicylic acid component it is best to avoid using this preservative in products for use in children under 3 years, except rinse-off products such as shampoo, shower gel etc. To meet the EU cosmetic regulations, we advise you to not use more than 1.1%.  If you make your own products using this preservative to sell to the public, we recommend that, as well as complying with the cosmetic regulations, you first carry out a challenge test to determine the exact shelf life of your product because this can vary from recipe to recipe.


Available in 30ml and 100ml glass bottles and 250ml recyclable PET bottle.



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