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Scotch Pine Essential Oil

INCI: Pinus sylvestris. Origin: Scandinavia Extracted by dry distillation of the needles, buds and twigs.
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Scotch Pine essential oil

INCI: Pinus sylvestris.
Extracted by dry distillation of the needles, buds and twigs.
Origin: Scandinavia 

A strong, dry-balsamic, turpentine-like aroma which immediately transports you to the wild, fresh pine forests of the icy north. Northern Native Americans placed the needles in their bedding to repel lice and fleas. Has strong anti-infective actions and so is useful in skincare preparations for fungal and other infections of the skin.

Pine also has wonderful warming qualities useful in oils anc creams for muscular and arthritic aches and pains, or for sprains and strains sustained in sports.
An excellent inhalation for catarrh, asthma, congested sinuses when used with an electric vapouriser or an aromaburner. Its uplifting fragrance is also popular in soaps and bath oils and men's care products.

Caution: Possible sensitization in some individuals. We recommend a patch test (dilute the essential oil in a cream or carrier oil first) before using any new skincare preparation. As with virtually all essential oils it should not be used neat on the skin nor be taken internally! If you are not familiar with the use of essential oils please read our Essential Oils - Important Safety Points.


10ml, 30ml or 100ml brown glass bottle with dropper cap. Large sizes available on request.



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