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Rosemary dried (organic)

Latin / INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis.
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Dried Herb - Rosemary (organic)

Latin / INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis

The dried, strongly aromatic leaves, stems and flowering tops of organically cultivated Rosemary, suitable for infusing as a tea or as an addition to base skin and hair care products.

Traditional Use

A ancient, traditional European culinary and medicinal herb, rich in antioxidant diterpenoids. Herbalists use it as a circulatory tonic and natural antidepressant and for calming flatulence and dyspepsia, for clearing a 'cloudy head' or headache due to congested stomach or depression, to helps strengthen fragile blood capillaries. Rosemary is also used by herbalists to enhance memory and reduced mental fatigue.

Externally, an infusion of dried Rosemary, allowed to cool, can be used as an antibacterial douche for vaginal discharge. Because Rosemary stimulates the blood circulation in the skin it is of value added (as an infusion or as an essential oil) to a shampoo base or conditioner base to allay hair loss.

It was a sacred herb in ancient cultures such as the Egyptian, Jew, Greek and Roman for use in rituals and ceremonies, and was popular in Europe in the Middle Ages for protection against bubonic plague. Rosemary's culinary association with meat originates from the old practice of stuffing it into animal carcasses as the meat cured in order to slow down the growth of bacteria.

Also available as an essential oil,  a hydrolat and a tincture for use as an ingredient in lotions, ointments or body oils where a warming circulatory stimulant effect is needed, such as for muscle pain, sciatica or neuralgia, or for the treatment of lice.



50g in cellophane bag or 200g in plastic press-seal bag.

Larger pack sizes are available on request.



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