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Lemon Balm dried herb (organic)

Latin INCI: Melissa officinalis, L.
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Dried Herb - Lemon Balm (organic)

Latin / INCI: Melissa officinalis

The dried, flowering apices and leaves. The name derives from the Greek for 'honey bee', due to bees' love of this plant.

Externally, an infusion of lemon balm can be incorporated into creams and lotions for its antimicrobial, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the skin.

Traditional Use

Lemon Balm has been known since the times of the ancient Greeks, who regarded it as a herb sacred to the goddess Artemis, for its delicious-taste and scent, making a wonderful, uplifting cup of tea. Lemon balm has been used for centuries in Arab and Western traditional medicine for calming the nerves, particularly of the digestive system, strengthening brain function and lifting a low mood or even mild depression. From the 17th century it has been an ingedient of Carmelite Water as well as of digestive liquuors such as Grand Chartreuse, created by Benedictine monks.

More recently, Lemon balm has been found to to lower blood pressure and promotes restful sleep (especially in combination with Valerian), to have a wide-spectrum antimicrobial actions and to have an antagonistic effect on the thyroid.

This herb is best avoided during pregnancy and breat feeding. It should also be avoided by people with hypothyroidism or who are taking medications for the thyroid


50g or 200g in paper bag.

Larger pack sizes are available on request.



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