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Orris root powder

INCI: Iris florentina. Origin: Italy
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Powder – Orris Root

INCI: Iris florentina

Orris root is a fantastic demulcent for both skin and intestines and has been by western herbalists for centuries. It is derived from the magnificent plant, Wild Purple Flag, which was revered by both the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Romans and in the Middle Ages was adopted by the French monarchy and depicted as 'fleur de lys'.

The powdered root has astringent, protective and healing properties and also regulates moisture. This makes it excellent as an ingredient in exfoliating skincare preparations, helping the skin to eliminate toxins and dead cells.

Because of its pleasant scent and taste, Orris root powder can be used as an ingredient in natural toothpastes, or even brushed directly on the teeth.

Its capacity to absorb and release scent slowly makes it a common fixative ingredient in commercial perfumes. This quality also makes it a popular choice of fixative for pot pourri 


25g, 50g or 200g 







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