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 Discounts (online)

Our online product pricing is based on a sliding scale. Big savings can be made by buying larger pack sizes. That also means you save on shipping and administration costs!

The best way to access the sliding scale discount structure is to compare the equivalent per kg or per liter price of each pack size of the product you are interested in. (This also makes it easy for you to compare our prices with those of other suppliers, providing you compare the same grade of the ingredient concerned, e.g. organic, conventional, deodorised, non-deodorised, method of extraction, etc.). The tables below gives two examples.

New start-up businesses (in the Netherlands and Belgium) can apply for a one-off 10% introductory discount on your first order over 250 € (excl. btw/vat). Please also submit your kvk and BTW number. We will give you a discount code which you can then use on the checkout page.

Online discount scale - 2 examples:

SKU Product Pack size Price incl. tax Base price for comparison incl. tax
1315A Shea butter deodorised organic 250 g 6,50 € 26,00 /kg
1315B   500 g 10,80 € 21,60 /kg
1315C   1.5 kg 28,25 € 18,83 /kg
1315D   5 kg 83,95 € 16,79 /kg
1215A Jojoba oil golden organic 100ml 12,60 € 126,00 /ltr
1215B   250ml 27,95 € 118,80 /ltr
1215C   500ml 49,99 € 99,98 /ltr
1215D   1 liter 88,95 € 89,95 /ltr
1215E   5 liter 320,00 € 64,00 /ltr


Discounts (offline) & Wholesale

For most products we can provide larger pack sizes than those featured on this webshop, which will of course attract further price reductions. Most oils, butters, hydrolates and powders are available in 1 x 25kg units and most essential oils in 1kg units.

Wholesale discounts are also available on an order-by-order basis based on the mix, volume and pack sizes of products ordered when the order value exceeds 400 € (excluding btw/vat). 

To apply for any offline discount please email us your business registration number (kvk nr in Netherlands and Belgium) and your VAT/BTW number and a list of the products and quantity you need. We will respond to you with an offer.