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Magical Naturals

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Magical Naturals is part of Romantic Nature, an Anglo-Dutch family business founded by herbalists Carolina IJben and Andrew Cox, and based in the Dutch province of North Holland.

We are passionate about plants and their gifts of wellness and healing, and sharing with others how utilise those gifts in the creation of natural self-care products. We dedicate ourselves to the effective application of these plants in their purest possible form. And we continue to grow in our knowledge and expertise learned from the rich cultural traditions of herbal medicine and from modern science.

Our business is aimed at empowering you not only through the sharing of our knowledge but also through our store of top-quality plant extracts and other natural raw materials. Everything we offer in our web shop has been carefully chosen with respect for nature and the sustainability of our beautiful planet.

 Our Philosophy

1. Whenever available and financially viable, to choose whole plants and materials from plants (such as oils and butters) that have been grown organically and sustainably.

2. To choose wild plants and materials from wild plants only from sustainable habitats and non-endangered species or habitats (wild crafted).

3. As far as possible to select fairly traded ingredients.

4. To ensure we purchase only GM-free plants and derivatives.

5. To avoid harmful and questionable synthetic chemicals.

6. To purchase no ingredients or materials that have been tested on animals.

7. To purchase relatively small batches frequently rather than hold large stocks for longer periods. This ensures our customers receive our ingredients as fresh as possible.

8. To handle our products with an attitude of respect, care and gratitude.

9. To ensure all packaging is from environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials.

10. To use paper only from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited sources, and encourage the sustainable management of the world's forests.

11. To choose power companies who invest in renewable energy sources, such as, in the Netherlands, Green Choice. Also banks with good track records in ethical investment, such as Triodos and ASN.

12.To avoid buying from or supporting companies, organisations or individuals known by us to be directly or indirectly engaged in ecocide on any scale.

13.To constantly strive to ensure our business is ethical by making choices that help protect our planet and its ecosystems and avoid exploitation of suppliers in poorer countries.

14. To make regular contributions to campaigns for action on environmental issues.

15. To support and stimulate freedom of informed choice in health and wellness matters.

16. To share our passion for and knowledge of nature, health and wellness.